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Vifkon is focused on providing superior safety, protection and security for people and capital assets on a global scale. There is currently a growing global unmet need for resilient security and protection, particularly against blasts and fires for civil and military buildings, as well as high-value national and international industrial infrastructure such as airports, tunnels and bridges. The Smart Fire Blast Protection System (SFBPS) aims to boost the international safety and security standards and minimise loss of life, injuries, as well as economic damage by providing outstanding protection against fire and blast and reducing their destructive impact. Vifkon also contributes to the conservation of our planet earth as the FBPS is environmentally friendly and safe and does not involve any hazardous or toxic materials during manufacturing, usage, or disposal. We aim to establish an international reputation as a leading manufacturer of superior quality, safety and protection systems at an affordable cost enabling significant enhancement to the international safety and security industry, including the war against terrorism.  This can be achieved by our novel dual function FBPS, which utilises an innovative type of concrete panels developed at our laboratories.  

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