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Vifkon Ltd. Unit 27, Shore Road, Jordanstown, BT37 0QB, UK.

Tel. +44 (0) 28 90 368302, Fax. +44 (0) 28 90 368726, email:

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Vifkon receives significant investment from E-synergy

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Irish Times & IntertradeIreland Competition

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The FBPS awarded for the best invention in NI 2012

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IUL Ltd is the new partner with Vifkon



Strengthening Global Security and Protection 

Vifkon is a leading provider of superior blast and fire protection systems and solutions. Our aim is to strengthen and enhance global security and to provide high protection for people and assets against fires and blasts including terrorist attacks. Our systems are designed for military and defence applications, industrial and civil buildings. Vifkon came to the world out from the Fire Safety Research Laboratories FireSERT, UK.  Its establishment builds on more than 20 years and £12 million of research work in the field of fire and blast funded by prestigious UK and European government bodies.  Vifkon provides smart, novel and innovative concepts of blast and fire protection where the Intellectual property of the inventions brought by Vifkon is protected by patents. The Board of Directors of the company is a blend of strong academic and industrial experience which provides a unique thrust to its work. The company has attracted substantial investment from the UK government which has assisted in its formation.

Military shelters for fighters, machinery, and personnel

Building facades

Tunnels and underground linings


Featured Applications

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