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The Fire Blast Protection System,  FBPS

The Fire Blast Protecion System
The Smart Fire Blast Protection System

Vifkon is delighted to present the FBPS (Fire Blast Protection System) the world’s first slim line dual function protection system that is specially designed to provide superior blast and fire protection with unique features. The Fire Blast Protection System is the result of 20 years of research at the Fire Research laboratories, FireSERT.  It is designed to provide protection for civil, industrial and military premises, buildings, and tunnels (or any other structures) in events of:


a)  Blast only

b)  Fire only

c)  Fire and blast.


The FBPS applications include:

•   Shelters for military personnel and machinery including fighters and bombers

•   Roads protection against road-side bombs  

•   Facades and cladding for new buildings

•   Facades, cladding and retrofit for existing buildings

•   Rehabilitation of damaged buildings including military units

•   Internal partitions and bearing walls

•   Linings for tunnels and undergrounds

•   Fire walls

•   Blast walls

•   Industrial protection barriers including Oil and Gas

































The FBPS is a slime line profile system with the following unique and advantageous features:


Blast Resistance

•  Outstanding blast/impact resistance complying with US Department of Defence UFC3-340-02 blast response criteria.

•  Superior “thickness/blast resistance” ratio

•  Steel like performance

•  No fragmentation under blast shock pressure

•  The panels have 12 times higher ductility than other types of panels (including

  UHPFRC) making them ideal to withstand blast shock wave

•  Incorporates special blast pressure relief techniques to increase blast wave impact resistance




















Fire Resistance

• Complete elimination of explosive spalling of concrete under fire at moisture content of concrete exceeding 16% in weight

• 100% fire resistance.  Capable to resist fire temperatures exceeding 1200C for more than 2 hours.

•  Not combustible and do not generate any toxic or hazardous fumes.
























Other Features

•  High thermal insulation.

•  Environmentally safe, i.e. it can be disposed safely including interring in military sites.

•  Light-weight.

•  Can be produced in factory or on site in case of applications in remote areas.

•  Quick to install.

•  Can be plastered, painted, rendered, or any other conventional finishing in buildings


The FBPS has been tested for the following characteristics:

•  Fire protection

•  Blast protection

•  Combustibility

•  Impact resistance

•  Flexural strength

•  Thermal insulation

•  Compression strength

•  Tensile splitting strength

•  Fracture strength

•  Extremely low temperatures -60C


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Superior ductility of the FBPS under static loads

The FBPS is 12 times stronger in absorbing blast impact compared to HSC

Vifkon Ltd. Unit 27, Shore Road, Jordanstown, BT370QB, UK.

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The FBPS is utilisable for military construction which allows swift response to operational needs and enables fast erection of military units including on-field administrative facilities, ammunition storage facilities, personnel and aircrafts’ shelters or any other premises. The Fire Blast Protection System has been developed using a novel, concrete panels, which provide superior “thickness/blast resistance” ratio allowing significant reduction of the panel thickness (consequently reduction in weight and cost) to resist a given blast force. The panel size can be customised and can also be produced in a curved shape to fit curved structures including tunnels or curved roofs. The panels possess very high ductility when compared with other types of concrete panels and making the FBPS panels to behave like steel rather than like concrete. The system also has innovative blast relief techniques which significantly increase its capacity to resist blast forces

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High elasticity and “spring effect” of the FBPS in absorbing blast wave


Severe explosive spalling of UHPFRC under fire.

Full resistance of FBPS to explosive spalling under fire

Salb 11 ans 12 after fire test